Visit the Hozu-gawa River in Kyoto! Here you are surrounded by gorgeous year-round scenery and have the exciting opportunity to experience torrent swallowing rocks and the refreshing spray from the river. For over one thousand years the Hozu-gawa River has been home to a bustling and thriving water transport culture.

Spring of new green leaves – the splendid Sakura cherry blossoms’ color and scents invites new lives beginning to bud.
Summer of vibrant mountainous sceneries with refreshing feeling is drifting.
Fall when lovely colored leaves add flair to the mountains like drawing a woodblock print.
Winter like being in a hill-and-stream garden landscape without water covered with crisp and bracing silence.

Hozu-gawa River that reflects four seasons of Japan on the surface of the clean water.
Numerous huge rocks and unusually shaped large rocks curved by the eternal flow.
A school of playful, frolicsome fish. Water birds spread their wings into the ravine.
Boatmen who row the boat in relentless but beautiful nature as it is with their traditional technique.
A luxurious boat trip that invites you to the impressive and healing world playing in a place of tranquility.

Why don’t you get away from your daily grind and experience the Hozugawa-kudari; give yourself up to the flow?