1. Q : Where can I purchase a boarding ticket?

    A : A boarding ticket maybe purchased at the boarding site only. Vouchers must be exchanged for boarding passes at the ticketing counter.

  2. Q : Do I get wet?

    A : Yes, sometimes. But you can use the vinyl cover while on board.
    We will not be responsible for electric devices.

  3. Q : How can we come back to the boarding site in Kameoka once we arrive at the final destination of the trip?

    A : The fastest way is to take a JR train from Saga-Arashiyama Station. It takes only about 10 minutes to Kameoka Station.

  4. Q : What if it rains?

    A : We operate the service even on rainy days and set up a roof on top of the boat. However, service may be cancelled due to weather conditions.

  5. Q : Do I need to make reservations for the boat trip?

    A : No, however a party of more than ten can make a reservation. Please come to the ticketing counter to confirm you are ready to board. You are entitled to ride on the boat faster than other guests once you made a reservation. Reservations can be made only for a party more than ten in the tourist season.

  6. Q : Is it safe?

    A : We regularly perform maintenance on the boats. The boat will not sink because it is made out of fiberglass. While they are for emergency use only, there are life jackets for every person on board.

  7. Q : Do I have to pay for infants?

    A : No. Children age 3 and under are admitted free, but they should be seated on an adult’s lap.

  8. Q : Do you accept credit cards?

    A : We are sorry that any credit cards are not acceptable.

  9. Q : How do boatmen operate the boats?

    A : One (or two) sit facing you and row, while the remaining two stand fore and aft guiding the boat away from rocks using bamboo poles.

  10. Q : Can I bring a stroller, large bag, etc on the boats?

    A : Yes. Please talk to the boatmen when you are on board.

  11. Q : Is there food on the boat and can I bring my own?

    A : No, there is no food service on board. But as you approach Arashiyama, a motorized floating conbini boat pulls up along your boat to sell food and drink (only in the tourist season). You can bring your own onto the boat; there are rice balls, bento,snacks and many more local specialties available in the store of the boarding site.

  12. Q : Can I bring alcohol onto the boat?

    A : Drinking alcohol beverage is acceptable, but Smoking is not permitted on the boat.