Hozugawa Yusen Sightseeing Boat Association RAFTING DEPARTMENT


The Hozu River was used for water transporting since the beginning of the Heian period (AD794-1185). You will enjoy our thrilling, exciting, yet safe rafting tours.
These tours go through Hozu Gorge, which is considered to be the very difficult point.
All of the tours are accompanied with professional guides. Families with small children can join tours.


From JR Kameoka(亀岡)Station, 8min walk From JR Kameoka Trokko(亀岡トロッコ)Station, take a Keihan Kyoto bus to Hozugawa river ride boarding port or the Kyoto horse carrier.
Get off at the Hozugawa river ride boarding port (保津川下り乗船場)





Step 1 Choose your tour Choose the course you want to join.
* Please make your reservation early, especially on weekends during high seasons.

Step 2 Call us Tell us the Date, Time, course of your choice, number of people in your group,your name and phone number.

Step 3 Payment You can pay by cash on sight, on the day of the tour.
*You can also make payment to our bank account. Deposit the fee to our bank account 10 days in advance. And please bring the receipt on the day.

Step 4 On the day Please arrive at the boarding port with time to spare.

Cancelation Policy

If the tour was cancelled/changed, customer will be required to pay the cancellation fees listed below. The cost of cancellation fees depends on the day when you cancel the tour.

-­10 days before the tour : Free -­3-­9 days before the tour : 30% of the original fee
-­1-­2 days before the tour : 50% of the original fee
-­on the day or not attending on the day

Insurence policy

Participants are required to follow all the safety instructions and to take owns responsibility for themselves. In the case of accidents or injureys, the tour guide will give first aid, but will not be responsible for any further medical treatment.
Also, we will not accept any other kind of insurance requests other then that of which Hozugawa Yusen Sightseeing Boat Association belong.
If any problems or accidents occur related to the insurance, please contact the Hozugawa Yusen Sightseeing Boat Association as soon as you can. If not, you might not be able to receive the insurance benefits

General Insurance

Hospitalization 5000 YEN per day.
Treated in hospital 3000 YEN per day
Death 5,033,000 YEN


n case of bad weather

We would not cancel the tour even in the rain, but the course might be changed or the tour can get cancelled in case of heavy rain or storm for the safety of the participants. If the tour is to be cancelled, we will inform the person in charge of the tour group. Also, please do inquire our office before coming to the boarding port. We will not be paying for any refund for transportation fee.

Weight restriction

For safety reasons, we have a weight restriction policy. Therefore, we might request passengers to refrain from going on the boat. Please inqure at the reception, and make sure if it is safe for you to go on the rafting boat.

In case of accidents and injury

If you get injured in the tour, the tour guide will give you first aid.

翻訳:京都外国語大学 学生団体 マルチリンガルショップ
Translated & designed by Kyoto Univercity of Foreign Studies Multi Lingual Shop